Association Advisors NJ Sponsors “Association Investments and Reserve Studies” Board Educational Seminar


Association Advisors sponsored another successful Educational Board Member Seminar Wednesday night. The event was held at Park Avenue Bistro in Freehold and included dinner, dessert and refreshments. The topic of this seminar was Association Investments and Reserve Studies. Sixty board members attended the event.

Dave Rush, from FWH Associates, P.A., led the seminar with a presentation on Reserve Studies. He reinforced the need of a Reserve Study and explained the reasoning behind the items the study addresses as well as the types of Reserve Studies that are available to an association. Mr. Rush addressed how the value an association’s amenities, as listed in the Reserve Study, were impacted by numerous association factors. He utlitized examples of why an engineer should be used for large projects, explained how these projects impacted the cost of using an engineer vs. the possibility of repairing or redoing the project at a later date due to lack of attention on the contractor’s part. Mr. Rush also demonstrated how an updated Reserve Study helps the association’s ability to properly allocate funds to the Capital Reserve Account.

For the second part of the seminar Rich Hausler, from UBS Financial Services, spoke about “Financial Management Guidelines and Strategies for Homeowner Associations”. Financial planning, asset management and investment strategies on an association level were the main topics of Mr. Hausler’s presentation. Preservation of capital while maximizing the earning potential of the association’s overall funding should be a major priority of any Board of Directors in any association. He recommends each association adopt a Mission Statement and an Investment Policy outlining key financial issues. The importance of being diligent with regard to the way funds are invested and the need for an updated Reserve Study as it pertains to an association’s financial planning were additional topics of discussion.

The final part of the seminar was the “fun part”. Door prizes were sponsored by Association Advisors, FWH Associates and UBS Financial. 3 lucky board members went home with extra goodies to round out an informative educational evening highlighting the correlation between an Association’s Reserve Study and Financial Management and Investments.

Bonnie Bertan and Larry Sauer at the Board Educational Seminar

Bonnie Bertan and Larry Sauer at the Board Educational Seminar


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