Board Member Educational Seminar

Association Advisors NJ sponsored and presented another successful Board Member Educational Seminar last night, April 11, 2017.

This Board Member Educational Seminar was held at 618 Restaurant in Freehold and featured top industry officials in the insurance and legal fields. The topics of the night were Insurance and Legal Issues and how they affect community living. The industry professionals answered questions from the audience consisting of both board and management team members.

Attendees learned about topics from the Insurance and Legal categories. Discussions included how these topics affect both the board members and their communities.  Topics discussed were:


  • The ABC’s of Associations Insurances
  • Are you adequately insured
  • Board Member liability
  • Handling claims and/or catastrophes


  • Legal updates and trends in the industry
  • Specific legal legislation that applies to condominium and homeowner associations
  • How to pick a litigation attorney
  • Potential legal issues with a big claim
  • Consignment versus hourly litigation costs and negotiating with your chosen attorney

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