South African CAI Representatives Visit Annual Conference, CAI-NJ and Association Advisors

Representatives from the South African Community Association Institute (CAI) Chapter were invited to the United States to attend the CAI 2018 Annual Conference and Expo, held last week in Washington DC. CAI-NJ and Association Advisors were selected for visits after the conference.

The representatives, Andre de Oliveria and Marco de Oliveria are here in the United States on a fact sharing mission. Meeting and networking with colleagues helped both men obtain additional insight and knowledge on how we manage communities in USA. They gained new information and facts to take home while sharing information they thought would be helpful to the CAI chapters in the United States.

Mr. Andre Oliveria stated, “We aim to learn and collaborate with the industry leaders across the world and look at ways that we can better our service to all our clients and the industry as a whole.”

South African CAI delegates (l and r) with Larry Thomas (CAI NJ)

After the annual conference, Messrs. de Oliveria traveled to a few CAI State Chapters. The CAI New Jersey chapter was chosen to receive the South African Representatives as part of their extended visit. They visited the Chapter Office where they were introduced to the Managers Committee to brainstorm and exchange ideas.

Their visit to the United States also included visiting select management companies. Association Advisors NJ was proud and honored to host one of these visits. Our management team met with Messrs. de Oliveria and shared best practices and knowledge as well as methods of managing many types of communities.

Larry Sauer, Andre de Oliveria, Marco de Oliveria and Larry Thomas at Association Advisors NJ management meeting

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