Horizons at Woods Landing – CAI Community Board of the Year Award

Horizons at Woods Landing proudly accepted the Community Associations Institute (CAI) Community Board of the Year Award.

The award was presented at Community Associations Institute (CAI) Annual Awards Dinner,  held on February 16, 2017.  Bob Kahramann and Mike DiGuglielmo attended the awards ceremony and accepted the Community Board of the Year Award on behalf of the complete 2016 Board.  The award winning board consists of: Paul Raetsch (President), Carol Young Picket (Secretary) , Bob Kahrmann (Treasurer),  Arlene Blosch  and Mike DiGuglielmo (both Board Members).

This award is given to an outstanding community board that has demonstrated exceptional leadership and participation in conjunction with CAI’s mission.

  • The original builder declared bankruptcy and abandoned the community.  After several years of tireless work, the board partnered with a new builder to complete the community and its amenities.
  • The Board’s past president is on the Legislation Committee (LAC). The current president is a past member of the New Jersey Community Association Volunteer Leaders (NJCAVL) committee.
  • The board is a member of the NJ and DelVal Chapters of CAI. They participate in legislation affecting community living in both chapters.
  • Policies and resolutions were recently updated to reflect CAI’s recommendations. Some topics that were addressed are ADR, age restricted census requirements and board transparency.
  • The Board President, Paul Raetsch, authored an article in the form of a quiz entitled “What is LAC and Why Should I Care?” It is a quick and informative quiz for board members of common interest communities.

Horizons at Woods Landing  was awarded the DelVal CAI Chapter “Gold Star Community Award“.

The Board has written several articles for CAI’s Community Trends magazine in 2016.  A board member won “Shoot the Cover” contest.

The Horizons at Woods Landing board encourages professional development for their manager.

Horizons at Woods Landing is clearly the Community Board of the Year! Congratulations to the board and all of their hard work to achieve this award.

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