Board Educational Seminar March 8, 2016

Association Advisors NJ Proudly Sponsors a Board Educational Seminar:

Financial Reporting, Capital Reserve Study & Preventative Maintenance Impact on Community Associations

Join us to hear the answers to these important questions:


  • Why should an association should raise maintenance assessments annually?
  • Why is budgeting a year round function?
  • What are the options when the Board is faced with a large budget increase?
  • What are the most dangerous hidden costs affecting Associations that should not be ignored?
  • What should be looked at and understood in the Association’s financial information provided by management and your auditors?


  • What are the different types of maintenance to be completed at a Community Association?
  • What is the relationship between Capital Reserves and Maintenance?
  • What is meant by “life cycle costing”?
  • What is meant by the “whole community affect”?
  • How does the relationship between all of the above affect the Association’s long term financial planning?

RSVP ASAP as seating is limited;  to [email protected] or via phone at 732-294-8882 x107



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