Management Transition Fears

Why are Boards apprehensive on changing Management Companies?

Notes and Quotes from the Hudson Harbour Board of Directors.

How has your experience been with Association Advisors NJ in regards to:

Q. Transitioning from the old management company to the new one?

A. Transitioning can always make people apprehensive, so much so that some people choose to stay with the old company longer than they should. Due to decisions by our former management company, Association Advisors NJ had less than the standard 30 days to come in and manage our building. Bonnie and her crew stepped up and took over in less than a week of signing the contract. It was amazing. Association Advisors NJ gave us a “transitional manager.” This gentleman came in and seamlessly got started here. And that wasn’t easy, because he constantly found situations that required attention.

Q Working with your staff?

A. One of the very first things that the Association Advisors NJ management did was to meet with our building staff. They explained the change in management but did so in a non-threatening manner, so that our longterm staff members did not feel threatened. However, they also communicated the Board’s desire for improvements; preparing them for changes to come and discussing expectations. Our staff has responded well and has already made improvements.

Q. Picking up on-going projects?

A. As previously mentioned transitions can make some nervous. One of the reasons buildings delay change is “how can we change in the middle of this project?” Well, we did not skip a beat with our new manager. He stepped in, reviewed the files and did some background research into our issues. He has added immensely to the projects that were in the works when he arrived. The manager either found issues we had not thought of or followed up pieces to the project that were long ignored.

Q. Dealing with contractors, vendors and professionals?

A. Association Advisors NJ has stepped into our management office and has been nothing but professional to the many contractors, vendors and professionals that have been working at Hudson Harbour. The manager has scheduled introductory meetings with many of them, has reviewed contracts that are in place and has received background information on them from our staff and Board members. Association Advisors NJ did not walk in here with the idea that everything must be changed. They are analyzing our relationships, pricing and service with the intention of making sound recommendations to the Board. Some things may change, some things will not. But it is not like the previous manager that wanted to work only with those vendors on its approved vendor list.

Q. Community members (residents).

A. One of the items that attracted us to Association Advisors NJ was the way the company representatives communicate and explain their opinions on the industry. When they are dealing with the residents in the building, they are clear, honest and firm. However, they are still polite and calm, even if the Condominium member is yelling, cursing and threatening. Association Advisors NJ excels at dealing with members at a meeting forum. The Time is Now to Implement a Proven Strategy for the Management of your Community. DonĂ­t Waste Another Second. ASSOCIATION ADVISORS NJ | PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | [email protected] | 100 Market Yard, Freehold NJ 07728 | 732-294-8882

Q. Working with the Board.

A. I would like to tell you that our Board is perfect and easy to deal with. However, that would be looking at us through rose colored glasses. We are a group of people who all care about our building, want to be heard and have unusual personal traits. The Association Advisors NJ team has handled our “personalities” perfectly. The same communication skills that use when discussing issues to the residents are used when working with the Board. They educate us on what is standard in the industry, guide us into the best course of action, notify all Board members when action needs to be taken and steer the meeting when it is going off in the wrong direction.

Q. Communicating with the Board

A. Our Manager communicates with all the Board Members and keeps all of us “in the loop” through emails, weekly reports and monthly management reports. The reports are detailed, thorough and well written; allowing us to stay informed on what’s going on in our building and make educated decisions at our Board meetings.

Q. Collections and Arrears

A. Association Advisors NJ came in and examined our budget. Then the manager began looking at our collections practice. He spoke to our attorney and accountant to get updates and printed ledgers to review unit history and guided us to improving our procedures. In addition, he is speaking to owners who have not been promptly notified of specifics on their accounts. They walk in confused and walk out understanding the situation and what they are obligated to do. If you have any questions regarding this article or about Association Advisors NJ please do not hesitate to contact Bonnie Bertan. You may contact me at 732-294-8882 X105 or email me at [email protected]

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