Association Advisors NJ 2015 Holiday Party and 2016 Kickoff Meeting

Friday, January 8, 2016 was the Association Advisors NJ Holiday Party and 2016 Kickoff meeting.  The event was held at Stage Left in New Brunswick.  Everyone had a great time – the food was outstanding, Secret Santa gifts were exchanged and Bonnie Bertan, President of Association Advisors NJ announced that in lieu of gifts to the staff this year Association Advisors NJ will be setting up a Memorial Scholarship fund in memory of an employee’s son who passed away unexpectedly during the year.  “This will make a substantial difference to many students due to the untimely loss of one individual.”   “It feels like we are keeping it “in the family” with the ability to pay it forward.” stated Bonnie.

At The 2016 Kickoff Meeting, Ms. Bertan congratulated Managing Partner, Lawrence N. Sauer CPM, CMCA, PCAM on his election to the New Jersey Chapter of Community Associations Institute’s (CAI) as the 2016 President. Larry looks forward to making a positive difference in the chapter as well as all of its members, volunteers and communities. 

Ms. Bertan also announced a “Boot Camp” program for the AA team members. Team members will be given the chance to excel in their positions and be rewarded for their exceptional efforts.  The program fosters continued learning, sharing and networking within the Association Advisors NJ organization.   The Association Advisors NJ goal is to have a totally cohesive group of employees that extend their knowledge and skills to all of the communities they manage.

 A variation of the Boot Camp program will also be offered to AANJ’s Board Members.  Presently, Association Advisors NJ schedules several invitation only, Board Member seminars per year.  These seminars are presented by professionals in their areas of expertise pertaining to current issues affecting communities. Boot Camp for Board Members will also include a session for new Board Members, introducing them to their responsibilities as Board Members of a community and help them become acclimated to the existing issues of their community.

 Ms. Bertan concluded by stating “Association Advisors NJ will be going from Stage Left to Center Stage this year!” 

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